Visual Attention Lab

The Visual Attention Lab in located in Blackwood Hall: Room 210

The visual attention lab is where my students and I conduct research on the fundamentals of attention in complex dynamic visual environments, using tasks such as the multiple-object tracking task, subitizing (a form of enumeration), and visual search. 

Multiple-object tracking is thought to be related to visual-motor coordination. Graduate student Mallory Terry is studying the impact of multiple- object tracking on visually guided touch and balance.

Sometimes we see more than is actually there. A Kanisza illusory contour figure is one defined by edges that are not physically present in the image. For example, Image a (above) depicts an Kanisza illusory rectangle whereas Image b depicts the same rectangle defined by real contours. Graduate student Natasha Hardy studies how the visual system processes illusory contours by looking at how these figures are enumerated.

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