Current lab

DRiVE lab faculty members, clockwise from top left, Andrew Hamilton-Wright, Michele Oliver, Blair Nonnecke, and Lana Trick.


Lana Trick (Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science/Psychology): Human factors, cognitive ergonomics, driving and traffic accidents, in-vehicle technologies, age-related change in attentional abilities from childhood to old age, multiple-object tracking, enumeration (subitizing and counting), reasoning about uncertain outcomes.

Michele Oliver (Engineering):Workplace injury prevention, development and testing of new in-vehicle technologies, whole-body vibration mitigation strategies and device development

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Andrew Hamilton-Wright (Computer Science): Machine assisted decision making, machine learning, association mining, data visualization

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Blair Nonnecke (Computer Science): Human-computer interaction, usability, user-interface design, usability of in-vehicle navigation devices, design of systems to support online groups, lurkers in on-line communities.


Mallory Terry: Doctoral Candidate in Psychology + Neuroscience (Supervisor: Lana Trick)
Rachel Eng: Doctoral Candidate in Psychology + Neuroscience (Supervisor: Lana Trick)
Erika Ziraldo: Doctoral Candidate in Engineering (Supervisor: Michele Oliver)
Erich MacLean: Masters in Engineering Technical (Supervisor: Michele Oliver)
Brooke Pardy: Graduate Research Practicum student in the DRiVE lab (Supervisor: Mark Fenske)
Jessica Kespe: Graduate Research Practicum student in the DRIVE lab (Supervisor: Naseem Al-Aidroos)

Martin Geraets-Rose: Research Assistant for the both the Visual Attention lab and DRiVE lab.